If you're just starting out in the world of acting, or are looking for an assessment of where you currently are and how you can move forward, you've come to the right place. 

My experience has helped me find out what works for actors and what can they do to continuously grow and expand their career opportunities. Having gone through the same steps as you, I have learned what is helpful and what works. This allows me to take a look at where you are as an actor, assess what you have done and how you can move to the next level. 

My sessions last 60 minutes, and in that time we will take a look at your experience, your agency, headshots, showreel material and training. I will ask you how you feel about your career at the current moment, and where you would like to go. This sounds a lot like CV surgery at any acting focused institutions, but there is one major difference - I will give you the names of the best people in town - coaches, training places, workshops - and tactics - what will make you stand out, what will attract the attention of agents and casting directors. We will take a look at things that may be holding you back or doing you a disservice - be it a wrong first headshot on Spotlight, or the way your showreel is edited. 

If you're stuck in a casting type and would like to branch out, I will give you a strategy that will help you make that leap. There's always a way to make something you might not like about your career turn into an advantage. 

The cost of one session is £40. We will meet in a place that's fairly quiet and convenient for you to have an honest discussion about your dreams and hopes. 

In the mean time, feel free to take a look at the free acting content I have published. 

The Actors Corner offers advice on anything acting related. Having gone through years of auditions, film shoots and theatre productionsI have learned several things that I believe can help your career. 

These posts are not regular, but deal with different subjects and issues one might come across during their times as an actor. 

Hope you enjoy it! 

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